The Wee Kirk Coop

This is a nice coop in the backyard and they seem to have lots of space for the chickens to run and enjoy live.
check it out here:

Girls Summer Home

This all white chicken coop is a medium sized coop that can hold up to seven chickens at a time. It has three nesting boxes and a cute little sign. It comes with a copula and storage in the back and it also has vent air holes for air circulation in the coop.

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Solar Chicken House

What a wonderful little chicken coop! It is made from all recycled materials such as windows and doors, and hinges to make the perfect chicken coop. It has a concrete floor to make the coop more weather friendly.

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Chicken Coop With View

This chicken coop has 36 nesting boxes and a view thats sure to please any backyard chicken. There is also plenty of storage inside the coop.It is made from all recycled materials.

Here is the coop:

Schoolhouse Themed Coop!

This schoolhouse is simply amazing with brilliant colors and a safe area for chickens to roam. Offers room to a large amount of chickens. A thick concrete floor and cute little sign on the door. It has simple corrugated steel sheets for roofing.


Look at it here:

White Chicken Coop

This brilliantly made chicken coop is rich with style and color and its all made from scratch. With plenty of room and a cute little yard I am sure the chickens must enjoy it.


Look at this creative coop here:

The Breakfast Club

Fun chicken coop made from stained wood nice and solid and it has L-brackets inside to hang for feeding or giving water to the chickens when it gets cold outside.

Come and check it out here:

Recycled Wooden Coop

It easy to see how you can build your own coop with recycled wood around the house by looking at this amazing coop.


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Vintage Mini Market Coop

This hen house is so cute and stylish it looks like its just out of an old movie and so much fun to look at.

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Blue Coop

This chicken coop is both easy to make and affordable and will be the perfect coop for your chickens to nest in.


Look at it here: