Gallery of Coops

The chixrus’s Coop!


Good weather chicken coop. A concrete bottom. It can houses fifty standard size birds. Chicken can come and go day and night. Sturdy wood construction.

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Tin roof chicken coop!

tin roof chicken coop
This chicken coop is bird friendly as the owner wished to incorporate a special place bluebirds could come and visit. Its a relaxing and hopefully happy environment for the chickens the owner says it reminds him of his childhood.
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Cowboy Joe’s Chicken Coop

cowboy joes coop

This chicken coop is a simple breeder pen made around an aluminum cookie sheet. It is a wonderful little pen for small birds. Made with hand tools it was easy to put together. The eggs are very easy to remove.

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Cluck Castle

cluck castle

This is a cute chicken coop styled as a castle with brick walls almost like a fortress any chicken will love to be in. Its super cute with drawstrings and wood this castle will sure to delight any chicken living inside. The coop has a simple wooden form and plastic roof and it was under one hundred dollars to make.

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Mini Yellow Coop!

This mini coop is fun and it looks very easy to make of material you may have lying around and it is very inexpensive.
miniyellow coop

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Chicken Egg Coop

This is a cute and colorful chicken coop with an egg attacked. Looks very easy to maintain.chicken coop

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Cute Vintage Metal Signs for Backyard Chicken Coops

When it comes to decorating your backyard chicken coop, these vintage-style metal signs are sure to delight!

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1) “Chicken Coop Rules”

chicken coop rules

Many cute chicken saying in just one sign!

2) “Wicked Chickens”

Wicked Chickens

Are your chickens a little naughty? This sign is sure to make people laugh!

3) “Fresh Eggs”

fresh eggs

We love the simple, colorful yet retro design of this metal sign.

4) “Chicken Xing”

Chicken Xing

A “must have” sign in our book!

5) “Keep the Gate Closed”


Sure to bring some laughs, while reminding visitors of the need to keep chickens safe.

You can see many more vintage and metal chicken coop signs on our Chicken Coop Sign Page!


Horse Stall Coop

If you own a horse barn and also want a place to keep chickens warm and dry, this is a great idea for you. It’s also really easy to maintain and keep up. This design even has an automatic door opener. Check it out here:

wackyprofessor’s Coop

The Chicken Barrel Coop

What a clever design! This coop is very easy to make and anyone interested in a safe and easy way to raise chickens can make this coop easily at home. The instructions can be found here: