The chixrus’s Coop!


Good weather chicken coop. A concrete bottom. It can houses fifty standard size birds. Chicken can come and go day and night. Sturdy wood construction.

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Tin roof chicken coop!

tin roof chicken coop
This chicken coop is bird friendly as the owner wished to incorporate a special place bluebirds could come and visit. Its a relaxing and hopefully happy environment for the chickens the owner says it reminds him of his childhood.
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Cowboy Joe’s Chicken Coop

cowboy joes coop

This chicken coop is a simple breeder pen made around an aluminum cookie sheet. It is a wonderful little pen for small birds. Made with hand tools it was easy to put together. The eggs are very easy to remove.

Look at it here:

Cluck Castle

cluck castle

This is a cute chicken coop styled as a castle with brick walls almost like a fortress any chicken will love to be in. Its super cute with drawstrings and wood this castle will sure to delight any chicken living inside. The coop has a simple wooden form and plastic roof and it was under one hundred dollars to make.

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Mini Yellow Coop!

This mini coop is fun and it looks very easy to make of material you may have lying around and it is very inexpensive.
miniyellow coop

Look at this cute coop here:

Chicken Egg Coop

This is a cute and colorful chicken coop with an egg attacked. Looks very easy to maintain.chicken coop

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Cute Vintage Metal Signs for Backyard Chicken Coops

When it comes to decorating your backyard chicken coop, these vintage-style metal signs are sure to delight!

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1) “Chicken Coop Rules”

chicken coop rules

Many cute chicken saying in just one sign!

2) “Wicked Chickens”

Wicked Chickens

Are your chickens a little naughty? This sign is sure to make people laugh!

3) “Fresh Eggs”

fresh eggs

We love the simple, colorful yet retro design of this metal sign.

4) “Chicken Xing”

Chicken Xing

A “must have” sign in our book!

5) “Keep the Gate Closed”


Sure to bring some laughs, while reminding visitors of the need to keep chickens safe.

You can see many more vintage and metal chicken coop signs on our Chicken Coop Sign Page!


Horse Stall Coop

If you own a horse barn and also want a place to keep chickens warm and dry, this is a great idea for you. It’s also really easy to maintain and keep up. This design even has an automatic door opener. Check it out here:

wackyprofessor’s Coop

The Chicken Barrel Coop

What a clever design! This coop is very easy to make and anyone interested in a safe and easy way to raise chickens can make this coop easily at home. The instructions can be found here:

The Wee Kirk Coop

This is a nice coop in the backyard and they seem to have lots of space for the chickens to run and enjoy live.
check it out here:

Girls Summer Home

This all white chicken coop is a medium sized coop that can hold up to seven chickens at a time. It has three nesting boxes and a cute little sign. It comes with a copula and storage in the back and it also has vent air holes for air circulation in the coop.

Look at this fun coop here:

Solar Chicken House

What a wonderful little chicken coop! It is made from all recycled materials such as windows and doors, and hinges to make the perfect chicken coop. It has a concrete floor to make the coop more weather friendly.

Check it out here:

Chicken Coop With View

This chicken coop has 36 nesting boxes and a view thats sure to please any backyard chicken. There is also plenty of storage inside the coop.It is made from all recycled materials.

Here is the coop:

Schoolhouse Themed Coop!

This schoolhouse is simply amazing with brilliant colors and a safe area for chickens to roam. Offers room to a large amount of chickens. A thick concrete floor and cute little sign on the door. It has simple corrugated steel sheets for roofing.


Look at it here:

White Chicken Coop

This brilliantly made chicken coop is rich with style and color and its all made from scratch. With plenty of room and a cute little yard I am sure the chickens must enjoy it.


Look at this creative coop here:

The Breakfast Club

Fun chicken coop made from stained wood nice and solid and it has L-brackets inside to hang for feeding or giving water to the chickens when it gets cold outside.

Come and check it out here:

Recycled Wooden Coop

It easy to see how you can build your own coop with recycled wood around the house by looking at this amazing coop.


Look at it here:

Vintage Mini Market Coop

This hen house is so cute and stylish it looks like its just out of an old movie and so much fun to look at.

Check it out here:

Blue Coop

This chicken coop is both easy to make and affordable and will be the perfect coop for your chickens to nest in.


Look at it here:

Artsy Hen House

This small wood Hen House has a cute roof and simply design to please any chicken. This cute chicken house has six nests and a  steeped roof that’s great for ventilation and amazing custom stained glass windows,


Check this house out here:

In The Norway Pines Coop

Chickens live in this unusual colorful coop filled with color and space. Cute rustic feeling and bright red door include.

Look at this fun coop here:

Monk’s Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is very sturdy and will work well in both harsher and warmer climates. The roof is solid and there is enough space for chickens to run around comfortable.


Look at it here:

Amish Hen House

This wooden hen house is easy to set up and move around. Would be a lovely addition to any yard.

You can see it here:

Poop Coop

What an unusual and funny coop. Chickens can lay their eggs and live inside. It looks cozy and warm.

Look at it here:

A Coop with Personality

This chicken coop has a lot of charm. With bright colors and rustic signs included.

Look at it here:

Trampoline Chicken Coop!

An amazing reusable product that can be brought back to life by taking an old trampoline and making it into a new and creative chicken coop, This coop is sturdy and fun and large enough that the chickens have a lot of space to roam around and they will feel both safe and at home inside their new living quarters.


Check it out here:



TimM’s medium coop

This medium sized chicken coop has a simple yet structurally sound design. It is made from wood and has a cute layout with nesting boxes included on the side.


Take a look at it here:


This converted coop is sturdy and can hold up to three hens. Well structured and insulated. It also has a nest box and is weatherproof. Not bad for an inexpensive coop that will hold up against bad weather and age and best of all it looks easy to maintain.

Check it out here:

Beach Hens Million Dollar Digs

Such a cool hen house with electric lanterns that frame hinged roof and a nice hanging plant and string of lights-lined front porch. What an amazing hen house.

Look at this hen house here:

Earth Shattered Coop

This coop is well isolated to protect against harsh elements and bad weather. Overall I think this is a perfect coop for colder climates to keep hens warm.

Check this interesting coop out here:

Winter Hen Coop

This coop is built for winter and is solid. Hens will stay very warm inside.

Look at it here:

Vintage Coop

This is a cute all wooden coop made from ceder wood. Nice little brick walkway and peach tree in front.

Look at it here:

Geodesic Homes

Fun coop that hens will love to go into and a nice little coop for security and safety. More environmentally safe then some other coops.

School Bus Coop

This is a cute coop made from a recycled remade school bus. Its charming and a nice place for the chickens to live.


Look at it here:

The Chicken Monster Coop

This chicken coop can be cleaned easily and has a lot of space inside. It is nice and tall and looks like it would be nice in any backyard.


Glance at it here:

Urbanmama’s A-Frame Chicken Coop

This white chicken coop has a little ramp leading up to it and a back door. It has both chicken wire and a place for chickens to rest. It is a very large yet inexpensive coop.

Look at this amazing design here:

Virginia Woodland Coop

Fun little coop made up of all wood and recycled lumber. What a fun little project.  The rear of the coop has a southern exposure and will have windows for catching the winter sun’s rays.


Check it out here:

Backyard Sanctuary

Wow what an inspiring coop idea and plan. Looks like something out of a romantic scene from a movie put out a patio table and flowers and you have the whole deal. I know the chickens must love living in this coop. I think all the flowers are so pretty.


Check it out here:

Pretty in Pink

This is a larger wooden coop painted a pretty pink color. Lots of room for the chickens to run around and be safe. Fenced in nesting area for added protection. I love it and it has enough room for quite a few chickens.

Look at this amazing coop here:

Bursts of Blooms

Pretty little green chicken coop with flowers in the yard makes for a fun Spring coop.

Look at it here:

Chicken Coop With Large Run

This wooden coop has a larger run attached to it and looks very easy to make. I love the larger run.

Check out this coop here:

The Brick Chick House

This chicken house was all restructured and made of brick. Its a building that has been remade into a coop a work in progress that will sure to delight all chickens living there.

Look at this brick coop here:

Ddrlonghorns’s Chicken Coop

Wow just look at this amazing chicken coop. It has so much space and is such a lovely design. Includes nesting boxes and a mesh covering. It has tow water feeders and sp much space for strage and for the chickens to run around!

Look at this wonderful coop here:

McTee’s Chuck-Chuck House

This is a wonderful chicken coop with space and a very modern look about it. It has shade netting and a wonderful enclosed area for the chickens to use.


Look at it here:

Horse Trailer to Chicken Coop Conversion

This is an easy solution fix as its wonderful for the chickens to live in and be movable. I love how easily they changed it into a new fresh hen house. This has a lot of space and character included.


Take a look at it here:

Dutch Hollow Hoop Coop

This is a well organized coop.Large, light weight and very easy to move with only one person making it wonderful for any outdoors space. It only costs about $200 to make which means its very affordable!


Check out this simple yet amazing coop here:

Colorful Coops

These coops seem to have a lot of room and the chickens must adore the space they live in. Included is even a run to help keep them safe and sound.

Check this coop out here:,,20235479_20532035,00.html.

The Chicken Village!

Just check out this chicken village its like having a chicken town how original and cute.


Look at it here:

The Concord Cluckers Coop

This cute coop has flower boxes and has a nice little red window trim. It is built nice and snug off the ground and away from predators. Check out the inside and the amazing run attached. These chickens look healthy and happy.

Check it out here: